Amelia Qualters is an artist, explorer, and visual storyteller. She has created a series of self portraits photographing herself in worlds that walk the line of reality and imaginary. These images explore her deepest thoughts and feelings. Amelia’s artwork comes from a place a personal exploration to find her place in life. Her images expose struggle and happiness in a fairytale-like setting. She hopes to show others that there is beauty in imagination and to be confident in yourself.

Amelia studied Photography and Graphic Design while attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania. After graduating in 2013, she held a few internships and jobs while living in the Philadelphia area. It wasn’t long after she realized it wasn’t the life for her in the busy city so she packed up her things and moved to midcoast, Maine with her boyfriend.

Now she is able to focus more on her photography and take in all the beautiful New England scenery which has been a very large influence in her work. If she isn’t creating something, Amelia is out hiking with her boyfriend and two hound dogs. They also happen to be her favorite subjects to photograph!

Thank you for stopping by and happy viewing!