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My name is Amelia. I've probably rewritten my About Me page a thousand times. Why is it so hard to write about myself?

In any case, my boyfriend Andrew and I met in 2010 while attending college at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. After graduating we settled in the Philadelphia area where we both found steady, full-time jobs. I was becoming very unhappy and anxious. I needed something more to life than living for the weekends. The one thing that kept me going was the love and support from Andrew, and also our many trips along the East Coast. 

In 2016 we made our first trip to Maine and Acadia National Park. We immediately fell in love with the beauty and simple way of life out here. We made it our goal to move here as soon as we could after our visit. Less than a year later we bought a house in Stockton Springs, Maine and that's where we plan on staying for the foreseeable future!

This is a new beginning that I'm truly happy about and hope I can touch someone in someway to live a better and fuller life. I like to think of my website as a documentary of our lives (me, my boyfriend, and our newly adopted Coonhound, Jett). These are our adventures of Maine, New England, and beyond. We hope you will come along with us.